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Here at Nutrition Therapy we believe that health is a human right that not everyone experiences! The healthcare crisis has lowered our quality of care, and knowing what to give your body in order to stay out of the doctors office is key. That’s where we come in! We want to guide you, as good therapists do, to help you regain your health one day at a time. Here you will find recipes, articles. interviews, and videos guiding on your journey to happiness.

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Is Eating Healthy Good Enough?

In this world of diverse food preferences, we often neglect wholesome and nutritious options. The former may occur because healthy food doesn’t look as appetizing

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Meet the Founders


What makes Luis Cruz special is his passion for helping others. He is well versed in nutrition/supplementation, fitness, healthcare structure and healthcare law. His goal is to help as many people become the healthiest and most natural form of themselves. He guides people in achieving their goals, ranging from reversing their diabetes to losing weight and getting off their meds. This is why people call him , “the nutrition therapist”


Miguel Cruz is passionate sports, but even more passionate about nutrition! His experience in the hospitality industry has allowed him to work some of the best chefs in Orlando, and now he is teaming up with nutrition Therapy to change lives!